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Angles Among Us is a small home based rescue program.  We deal primarily with toy breeds and smaller dogs, as we have limited space.  Currently, we are based out of Mineral City, OH.
Smaller dogs, often become stressed in the pounds, and the stress can bring on various other illnesses.  It is our goal to take these smaller dogs who are not doing well in a pound, and bring them into a home situation as quickly as possible to allow them to relax and get the one on one attention these little guys crave.
All of our dogs are living in the home, and have full access to our home as part of the family.  We feel that in order to adopt out a family pet, that pet needs to know what it is like to be part of a family.
Personally, I have three children, so the pets will be used to being around children, and being handled by children.  I also have two cats in the house so they will be tested for placement in a cat home as well.  We also have a resident Shepard mix, so they will be used to having larger dogs around too.
We do our best to socialize all pets in our care as much as possible to make for an easier transition into your home.
Please take a moment, and look at the pets we have for adoption, and you might just find that special one out there that will steal your heart away.
Currently, our pets are listed on a fellow rescues site on petfinder.  Please click below to see a list of available pets at both shelters.

Click Here For Available Pets